C is for continuation

Off the rails! fashion event is succesfully over!
I can proudly say that the arrangements went well, my models were gorgeous,
thank you Leo and Justus, you boys sure know how to pose.

I´m also glad to say that our show was mentioned in a fashion blog called Life is a voyage!  
I and shoe designer Niina Turunen (last guest) were spotted on  a website of Finnish Elle magazine.

So here is a preview for the menswear collection Frenzy!
In next posts I´m going to introduce the whole collection!

More to come, so stay tuned!

Yours truly,



B is for backbreaking

The fashion event is getting closer, and the amount of work is getting enourmous.
I feel like this collection will never get ready, and if it does, I will end up as a laughingstock.
I´ll probably get a nervous breakdown because of this stress and huge amount of work which I´ll have to carry on my shoulders. Luckily my test screens were successfully made and the first test prints of the pattern for lining were also working.

I Shall put some "work in progress" -pictures when I get them on my computer.

Feeling blue as indigo but still hopeful

Yours truly,

- Inkeri - 

My inner-self for this time being,


A is for arty-crafty

"At the boulevard of knives he was dancing the waltz of violence  in a jealous rage. "    

This blog presents  the upcoming menswear collection; FRENZY 
from a print/textile designer Inkeri Lepistö. 

Inspired by the old portraits of jailbirds, crime scene pictures, crime and punishment and the 20´s mugshots the collection tells a tale from the wrong side of the tracks, 
where the nightly pilgrims wander. 
This collection will be presented at the fashion event Off The Rails on May 12th 2011 in Helsinki.

 By reading this blog you will learn more from the design process and the final outcome.

 Stay tuned.

 yours truly

- Inkeri-